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About the Founder

About the Founder
Evita Scoccia studied at Parsons The New School for a degree in Strategic Design and Management. Born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania where she started her journey as a young entrepreneur since 2017 creating her first LLC joining the fashion industry. Started Evita LLC in the summer 2019 with Retro Pop, following in PGFW for European Bliss, and finally featuring in Miami Swim Week with Jungle Dynasty collection 2020. Experience in the fashion world with fashion design, modeling, certified MUA, stylist last seen as an intern with vogue, social media content creator, and public figure. A women with many hats combines all her skills giving her the confidence to grow her brand. Every piece she creates has it's own personal touch giving you a one of a kind swimsuit. She continues everyday to share her story on success only happens with persistence. While creating a sustainable swimsuit brand she decided to give back to a missionary choosing Change the World with Love. Discovering there are 2 million children out of school and the main cause is lack of income. EVITA swimwear took a stand to help fix this significant gap between the two luxury's."The privileged ideal luxury is not even a reality for most, but the lower class Ideal luxury is what we take for granted." A promotion that she is launching soon on her website,, is for every suit sold, she will donate $12 toward a child in Africa getting an education for one year. This is part of a missionary in Mali, Africa that helps the children there with education and healthcare. She is currently living in New York to gain experience and knowledge to expand her company.

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